LED Advertising

LED Screen Advertising

As one of the fastest growing marketing and communications sectors, digital signage solves many of the problems plaguing traditional media, including declining national audiences, technology allowing consumers to skip or avoid ads and the shift in consumer attention to alternative media.
An Exclusive Advertising Opportunity

Situated on the corner of Sir Donald Bradman Drive and Marion Road, the 6.6 square metre (16:9 ratio) Boileau LED Screen is estimated to reach on average 120,000 commuters daily, a majority being Business Executives through the busy intersection both North/South and East/West. That’s a total of 3.6 million commuters per month! An exclusive opportunity is now available to advertise your brand on the Boileau LED Screen.

The iconic Boileau building is positioned on a prime location with traffic flowing from the city to the Adelaide Airport and back. This provides unprecedented exposure to the millions of passengers that travel to and from the Adelaide Airport annually. Be one of the first messages seen by interstate commuters!

Advertising on the Boileau LED Screen can enhance your branding, support existing television campaigns as well as provide an invaluable link with a truly South Australian company.

To express your interest, contact Joanna Whelan on 08 8354 6710 or email jwhelan@boileau.com.au.

To download the Media Kit, click here.

DID YOU KNOW? Numerous studies indicate that:

Digital billboards/screens garnish more attention (Lee, McElheny & Gibbons 2007) thus increasing retention.

Digital ads produce better results than static billboards generating higher recognition and a more favourable attitude towards the advertiser. (Huang & Yang. 2012)

Digital ads also increase ad recognition ensuring that the advertiser remains top of mind. (Huang & Yang 2012)

Digital billboards/screens have the capacity to modulate mood and increase cognition and thus influence buying responses. (Dennis et al 2010).