Boileau can provide a full range of telecommunications options ranging from traditional telephony to cloud based managed systems, with mobile integration and video conferencing. We can manage your communications remotely and cost-effectively.

Start To Finish Solution

Boileau’s team of consultants and engineers will engage with you from the very inception of a project and provide guidance and direction about upgrading your telecommunications system, from the planning phase through to deployment and beyond.

Mobile Desktop PC Integration

Reduce the costs of mobile phone plans through linking mobile and desk phones. Make calls offsite with your landline number and answer your desk phone while out of office. Manage telephony across your business from a single, integrated platform.

Business Continuity

You aren’t limited to a single office location, connect your main office, regional branches and even home office into a single, centrally managed telecommunications system.

Cloud Hosted Voice and Video

A smarter way to run your business phones, Cloud hosted voice and video allow you to work with flexibility and productively without the traditional costs and limitations of an on-premises phone system. Built to be future proof and scalable, you can easily add capacity for extra staff and new offices as your business grows.