December Tech Update: See the ultimate guide for protecting your finances online.


December Tech Update

See the ultimate guide for protecting your finances online.

Easy ways to keep scammers at bay

Online scams are increasingly common – and elaborate. Even the most savvy of internet users are becoming increasingly at risk for digital theft. This infographic takes a look at how you can keep yourself and your finances safe.

Time is running out - support for Windows Server 2008 ends in 14 Jan 2020

If your business continue to operate in an unsupported environment, it exposes your business to greater risks of security breaches and regulatory compliance violations. In addition, systems that are running on Windows Server 2008 are not cloud-ready. Modernise your data center with HPE Gen10 servers with the current version today before it's too late.

As Microsoft prepares for the end of Windows 7, students urged to update

The end of Windows 7 is imminent, and students who continue operation on the system may be exposing both themselves and their hard work to digital threats. Read on and learn exactly why experts are encouraging them to upgrade.

Why SAN Storage?

SAN storage is useful when several people need to connect to multiple storage devices at once. It creates a network of devices that may have otherwise been completely disconnected from one another.

HPE's SAN Storage is bringing the power of flash and other enterprise storage capabilities down to the price and simplicity levels that can benefit nearly any organisation.

Data breach fixes could impact patient care: study

When it comes to hospitals, time is everything. Which is why resource-sucking data breaches are so detrimental to patients. Read on to learn how the impacts of healthcare breaches last much longer than expected, impacting quality of care for years to come.

Do you know what is on your network?

Laptops, smartphones, tablets and IoT devices are adding security burden to the workplace. IT is able to maintain visibility and control without impacting the business and user experience through Aruba ClearPass via the following 3 steps:

1. Identify who and what connects to the network
2. Enforce accurate policies to provide proper user and device access
3. Protect resources via real-time attack response