Through our partnerships with Nec and Cisco, we provide a full range of telecommunications options ranging from traditional telephony to cloud based managed systems, with mobile integration and video conferencing that scale to suit the voice and data needs of any size business.

We even are able to supply, install and provide superior back-up service and long term support to ensure your communications are remotely and cost-effectively managed.

Mobile Desktop PC Integration
Manage telecommunications across your business from a single, integrated platform reducing the costs & centralising management through linking mobile/desk phones.
Cloud Hosted Voice and Video
A smarter way to run your telecommunications, built to be future proof and scalable, you can easily add capacity for extra staff and new offices as your business grows.
Business Continuity
You aren’t limited to a single office location, connect your main office, regional branches and even home office into a single, centrally managed telecommunications system.


The Challenge:
Are poorly equipped users causing problems in productivity?

The Solution:
We help prevent user idle time, strengthen security to improve your customer response times and level of communication through enhanced mobility, whilst adhering to your requirements.

Unified Communications

The Challenge:
We know how important it is for your business to be able to manage your communications simply and cost-effectively.

The Solution:
We converge and integrate voice, video presence and mobility applications for Mobile workers to access desktop-like functions on their compatible smartphones on/off site.


The Challenge:
Do you currently have multiple phone systems at your different offices?

The Solution:
All on/offsite and mobile telephony across your entire business managed simply and securely from a single, integrated platform.

SIP Trunks

The Challenge:
Are you expanding to a new site, and want to minimise any fails due to unplanned disruptions?

The Solution:
It’s much easier and faster to add additional call capacity when and where you need it, whilst redirecting calls in the interim to your chosen recovery site or to a mobile number of your choice.

Ethernet & Business Internet

The Challenge:
Do you need a faster and reliable connection to support your successful business expansion?

The Solution:
We provide a system that is not only fast, flexibility and resilient but it is also engineered for tomorrow's technology requirements no matter how quickly your business demands change.

Data Centres

The Challenge:
Do you have some specialised security and storage requirements?

The Solution:
We work every day to make our network (the core of our business) more reliable and accessible, whilst live monitoring your data centre conditions from anywhere.

Cloud Compute

The Challenge:
Feeling than you are paying more that what you actually use?

The Solution:
We help control your costs, with our scalable software and platform monitoring on the resources you allocate for your use today with a 99.9% uptime.

Is your business spending too much on Telecommunications?

We can save you money

Through our partnerships with Nec and Cisco, we can provide communications platforms that scale to suit the voice and data needs of any size business. Boileau has the experience and infrastructure to supply, install and provide superior back-up service and long term support.

  • A Telephony Solution that works with a single Site and integrates with multi site environment
  • Comprehensive Calls Savings with complete VOIP Technology
  • Single solution that integrates all mobile applications For staff on the go
  • Improving staff productivity, efficiency and the bottom line
With no stress, no inconvenience and very little effort on our part, Boileau Business Solutions has saved us money, greatly improved our efficiency and significantly increased the quality of our printing. I couldn’t recommend Boileau Business Solutions any higher.
Hutt Street Centre
I always like to ensure that good work is recognised and as such I pass on my sincere thanks to you and the team for the seamless transition of our new copiers. It all simply went flawlessly. Even the delivery guys were organised and prompt! We appreciate all of the assistance you’ve provided.
Lynch Meyer Lawyers
Boileau have been very proactive in showing us areas where we can operate more efficiently. They took time to understand our business processes and have shown us how we could integrate our systems. It wasn’t just about cost savings, the management of our workflow is simpler because of the single point of contact with Boileau.
Andrew Taplin,