LED Advertising

Situated on the corner of Sir Donald Bradman Drive and Marion Road, the 6.6 Square metre (16:9 Ration) Boileau LED Advertising Screen is estimated to reach on average 120,000 commuters daily, a majority being Business Executives through the busy intersection both North/South and East/West.

That is total of 3.6 million commuters per month.

An exclusive opportunity is now available to advertise your brand on the Boileau LED Screen.

Sir Donald Bradman & Marion Road
The iconic Boileau building is positioned on a prime location with traffic flowing from the city to the Adelaide Airport and back.
3.6M Commuters Monthly
Providing unprecedented exposure to the millions of passengers that travel to and from the Adelaide Airport annually.
Enhance Your Advertising
Enhance your branding, support existing television campaigns as well as proved an invaluable link with a truly South Australian Company.
Commuters Per Month
(16:9 Ration) Boileau LED Screen
Ad Displays Per Day